From the Rector

March 1, 2019

Although it may have felt at times in the long years past that we at Transfiguration were a small voice crying out in a big world for the widening of the Church’s community to include LGBT sisters and brothers, this last week reminded us that we were, and are, not alone. The United Methodist Church met in General Conference to discuss a variety of issues related to sexuality and membership, and at the end of all the prayers, meetings, speeches, and votes, they decided to preserve the old rules and restrictions. The UMC will remain, at least officially, opposed to the marriage and ordination of LBGT members.

As people who know the bitterness of waiting for a wider institution to change its position, we grieve with all those who had hoped for a different outcome. And we grieve, because this is not merely another denominational skirmish among ecclesiastical insiders, but something that will cause a great many to wonder afresh what the Church has to do with the embracing and merciful way of Jesus. But we do not grieve as those without hope, for we believe that God’s mission to break down every barrier of sin and hatred, a mission perfectly modeled in the life of Jesus Christ, has an inevitable outcome. The Spirit of God is busily breaking down the divisions we erect and restoring sight to those who are blind to the goodness in every last person.

As we teeter on the brink of Lent, I hope you’ll redouble your prayers for our Church and our world. Pray for those you know who are hurting, that they may be comforted and not lose hope. Pray for those who are opposed to our efforts to widen the embrace of the Church, that we may all come to a greater awareness of God’s truth. And pray for yourself, that you will never succumb to cynicism, but do all in your power to love God with every fiber of your being and your neighbor as yourself.

See you this weekend.