From the Associate Rector

Each year in the fall, newcomers to Transfiguration embark on a journey into the Christian faith and life called The Way. These Wayfarers are supported by a dedicated group of lay leaders, Companions, who agree to journey with them as they learn and listen to God’s call. Together, Wayfarers and Companions gather on Tuesday evenings for 2 hours and complete three modules of formation. In the first module (“Seeking”) we explore the fundamentals of Christianity, and Wayfarers discern whether they are ready to become members of the Body of Christ. We ask, and do our best to answer, questions such as:

  • Who is God?
  • Who are we?
  • What is faith?
  • What is sin?

In the second module (“Inquiry”), we explore the ways in which Episcopalian understand and live our faith together. The goal of this second module is to help Wayfarers discern whether they wish to join the Episcopal branch of the Body of Christ through confirmation, reception, or reaffirmation of their faith. Here, we ask how Episcopalians:

  • Read the Bible?
  • Worship and pray?
  • Share our faith?

For those who decide, first, that they wish to join the Episcopal branch of the Body of Christ, we then enter a third module (“The Baptismal Covenant”) in which we dive deeply into the commitments we make in baptism and renew in confirmation. During this final 10-week press, we explore the Apostles Creed and then consider how we will live out the promises to continue in the Apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and the prayers; what it looks like to turn from sin and to repent when we fall; how we might really go about proclaiming the good news by word and example; what opportunities exist at Transfiguration to seek and serve Christ and to strive for justice and peace.

This year, we have 21 Wayfarers who have been accompanied by 14 Companions. We have worked hard, we have wrestled with our faith, we have been stretched, and we have grown in knowledge and love of God and one another. This Friday evening at 6 pm through Saturday afternoon at 2 pm, we will retreat together to reflect on where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and what’s coming next during the season of Lent. Would you hold us in prayer, asking for the presence of the Holy Spirit, the gift of clear thoughts and receptive hearts, and that peace that passes understanding for each of us? We would be so grateful!

The Way will begin again in August. If you are seeking relationship with God or are hearing a call to live more fully into your baptismal covenant, please consider joining us. To learn more, call or email me!

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mother Rebecca