Who Is My Neighbor Recap: Lent 4

From the Rector On Wednesdays in Lent, we’ve been exploring one of the simplest questions asked of Jesus, which elicited from him

November 13 – The Way: Worship & Prayer

The Way: Worship & Prayer - Week 7

Outreach Recognition: Proper 23B

From the Rector Outreach Recognition: Proper 23B On Sunday we'll welcome over 20 special guests to Transfiguration. Well, "guest" may not be

Divorce: Proper 22B

From the Rector The gospel lesson appointed by the lectionary for this weekend, coinciding with the second of our four-week stewardship campaign,

Beauty of the Cross: Proper 19

From the Rector I'm thinking a lot about the people of the Carolinas today as Florence makes landfall. Having seen with my

Ingathering and Las Vegas – Proper 22A

There has been a blistering critique this past week of the insipidity of politicians who speak of their "thoughts and prayers" for

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