New Pottery for New Beginnings

  Moulded from clay and measuring 9” tall by 5” wide, the new chalices for The Table, the 5:30 Saturday

One Body, One Bread, One Cup

  Standing outside room 314 at a local retirement community, parishioner Nancy Banitch knocked lightly next to the bronze nameplate

Empathy Out of the Mouths of Babes

As kids wandered into an upstairs classroom, they grabbed some orange juice and mini muffins and plopped down onto the

Breaking Down Walls, Brick by Brick

Jesus is on the side of the poor, abused, and oppressed. It will not win, because just as he was in all the strange dark days of history, Jesus is on the side of justice and peace. So, as his followers, let’s be sure we’re on his side, the side with the great cloud of witnesses, the side of the Kingdom of God.

Staff Transitions – Communications and Youth Ministries

Dear friends, I want to share with you about some important staff transitions at Transfiguration. First, hopefully you know by now that

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