Joan Payseur

Forty Years at Transfiguration We Payseurs discovered and joined Transfiguration when we moved to Dallas in the spring of 1977.  For 40

Dana and Bart Bartholomew

When we joined Transfiguration over 30 years ago, my husband Bart and I could not have imagined what a significant role the

Jill and Cesar Hernandez

The Fig warmly welcomed us in when we first came searching for a new church following our move to North Dallas five

September 24 – Alina Williams Sermon

Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost: Proper 20

Roy Heller

I often think of the progression of my life as if I am coming across a series of picture puzzle pieces. The

Paula and Mike Tiffin

One of the ways God invites us to deepen our relationship with him is to make a commitment to a “church home”

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