How does Transfiguration connect you with God?

Why do you believe you’re giving to God when you give to Transfiguration?

Leading up to our fall Stewardship campaign this year, we sought stories from fellow members of Transfiguration about how they experience God in our church. Throughout the next month, we’ll post their thoughtful responses here. The people represented are long-time members, children, liturgical ministers, choir members, , food pantry volunteers, formation teachers, Altar and Flower Guild members, and those committed to justice work. What their reflections reveal is that we experience God at this church in all sorts of ways, from worship to pastoral care to formation to outreach.

And unsurprisingly, it’s that experience of God in our church that inspires them to give generously of their time, talent, and treasure. They give to Transfiguration, because they believe that when they give to the Fig, they are actually giving to God. They have the same God-given desire to be generous that we all have, and it leads them to give generously to God through the life and ministry of our beloved church.

We hope that reading the following stories helps you to consider where and how you experience God at Transfiguration, and how you can give to God through your pledge.