Transfiguring Our Foundations / Being Good Stewards

A Sixth Year

This appeal is not a new campaign, but simply the addition of a sixth year to the original five year timeframe. The payment period would extend to an additional year (for most this would mean the end of 2026, though we know some will pay through 2027).

For those who are new to Transfiguration, and thus were not a part of the campaign’s launch, and for those who have not yet made a pledge, we invite you to consider making a 3-year pledge now. It is never “too late” to be of help! This is an opportunity to share in the work of caring for our campus and ensuring we leave it better than we found it.

Sponsor New Furnishings

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sponsor the furnishings in our beautiful church. You are invited to make a gift to fund the purchase of a chair, a pew, or a light fixture. Sponsorships will be recognized either on the furnishing or on a plaque mounted in the church.

Add A Sixth Year 

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Sponsor a Chair

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Sponsor a Pew

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Sponsor Lighting

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