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REALM – Our Information Hub

Realm is our primary tool for church members to connect with each other. You can keep up with what’s going on, get information about formation classes and ministry groups, manage giving, and grow as a community. Access Realm via your favorite web browser or use the Realm Connect app on your smartphone. Your information is secure and only available to our Church Community — not the whole internet.

As an existing member of Transfiguration, you should have already received an email inviting you to join Realm. Click on the link in the invitation and follow the instructions. Your Realm login is the email address already on file at the church. If you are a new member, can’t find your original invite and need a new one, or you need to update your email address with the church office, please CLICK HERE.

Realm is just for members of Transfiguration. This keeps your information secure and private. Once you have received an invitation and setup your Transfiguration Realm Account, you use your email address that is on-file with the Church office and the password you created to sign-in.

Not a problem!  If you cannot remember the password you created, click the Forgot your password? option on the sign-in screen. Realm will email you a password reset link so you can create a new password and sign-in.  If that does not work for you because your email address has changed, contact the Church Office for help.

That’s very true.  On your computer, Realm is shown in your web browser of choice. There you will see the main menu choices on the left side of the screen. Then you will see some action options along the top of the window  On your smartphone those main menu choices will be along the bottom of the app and the action options will be along the top. That’s the primary difference. Explore a bit and you will discover it’s rather easy.  If you can use Facebook, Realm will be a snap.

In your web browser type the following URL into the browser’s location or address bar:

You can then create a bookmark to make it easier and quicker to get there.  Whether you are on a Windows PC or a Mac, Realm will look and perform exactly the same way.

When using a smartphone or a tablet, you have two ways you can use Realm. The easiest way is to download the Realm Connect app for your device and use that.  To download and install the free app use these links:

If you don’t want to install the app on your device, you can use your device’s web browser. Type the following URL into the browser’s location or address bar:

The Church’s Directory is one of Realm’s most popular features. The directory allows you to browser or to search for someone. The quickest way to find someone whose name you know is to use the search function. If you are using the app on a mobile device, look for the magnifying glass icon and enter the person’s first or last name. Realm will give you a list of everyone who matches what your entered.

One a desktop or laptop, look for the magnifying glass and the field to it’s left.  Type in the name and then chose the person from the list.

You can also access the Directory from the main menu.  On a computer it will be on the left side with the other main menu options. In the Realm Connect app on a mobile device you will need to tap the More menu shown with three dots (…) on the bottom right of the app. Then tap Directory from the list.

On a mobile device using the app:

  1. Tap the More menu (…) in the lower right of the app window.
  2. Tap your picture or the circle with your initial in it if you don’t have a picture posted. This will be in the upper portion of the app window.
  3. Tap My Profile
  4. Tap each item of information you wish to update. Make the necessary changes. Tap Save in the upper right corner to finish.

On your computer web browser:

  1. Click your name/photo in the upper right corner of the Realm web page.
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Click Edit Profile.
  4. Click the Contact Information or the Personal Information options at the top
  5. Make the necessary changes.
  6. Click Save to finish.

We urge everyone to add a photo to your profile so others can see it in the Directory. It helps everyone recognize and get to know one another.

Whenever someone posts a message, photo, or event to a group you are a member of, Realm will notify you. You control how you are notified, however. If you have set your preferences so that you receive email notifications, you will get an email at your personal email account. This is only a notification, not a regular email to which you can reply.

Near the bottom of the notification, you will see a message “View and comment on this post on Realm Connect.”  That is a clickable link which will launch Realm and allow you to post your reply to the group.  You can also go into Realm and see the post in the Group’s newsfeed where you can respond to it.

Think of it as you would a notification about a Facebook post–to see the post and reply to it, you must go into Facebook.

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