This Saturday, September 28, The Table (Worship on Saturdays at 5:30) will use new chalices and patens for communion. These pieces were commissioned to specifically embody the spirit of this reimagined service. See photos below of the pieces themselves and read about the potter, James Olney of Oak Cliff Pottery.

About Potter James Olney

My interest in clay started with a degree in ceramics from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. It continued with a three year apprenticeship with master potter Mark Hewitt in NC, then residencies in MN and NY for two years, and as a peace corps volunteer in Tanzania working in the dirt with traditional village potters making micaceous cooking pots. I am most passionate about my unglazed wood fired pots where the focus shifts away from the glaze towards the technique of loading and the skill of firing the kiln itself.

I find the relationship between the stacking of pots in the kiln and the atmosphere created by the burning of the wood a delicate and artful dance. If you look closely at my work you can see how the flame and the woodash itself made its impression on the surface of the pot. At high temperatures woodash turns to glass. Each of my pieces is unique and tells a story of my journey as a potter. A story rooted in a strong dedication to classical form and technique with a curiosity for experimentation.

For the past 10 years I have been making pots for restaurants, galleries, and markets across Texas. Some of my most recent collaborations include making sushi plates for Tei Tei Robata in Dallas, ramen bowls for Salary Man in Oak Cliff, membership mugs for KERA, and pie plates for Emporium pies.

You can find more information about James Olney and his other works at