How does Transfiguration connect  me with God?

Through education. Over the past three years at the Fig, through the lessons and adult education, I have read more of the bible than in all my prior years. I’ve come to realize that the Bible is actually a love story, reveling Gods amazing love for us all.

Through worship. I regularly attend weekly services and receive the sacraments. This gives me a tangible activity I can do to connect with God.

Through community. Everyone at the Fig is so welcoming. It is truly an inclusive community where I feel at home.

Through service. Serving in the Alter guild, as an eucharistic minister and with The Way, my eyes have been opened to the act of seeking and serving Christ in all persons. My service is teaching me how to live the golden rule and allows me to give something back to God and my community.

Why do I believe you’re giving to God when I give to Transfiguration?

The results. I use Matthew 25:35 to guide me when I judge the results of how my money is being spent. I see the direct results of how real people are helped everyday because of the programs and ministries at the Fig.

The numbers. I have gone though the annual reports, vestry reports and budgets posted online. It is clear to me that the vestry, priests and staff are good stewards with the money I give.

The blessings. I am learning to give thanks to God for all the good and bad things in my life. My financial giving at the Fig allows me to give back to God a small portion of all that I have been blessed with.