By Joel Martinson

I always look forward to the six weeks of “new beginnings” we observe at Transfiguration at the conclusion of summer. Bookended by the celebrations of the two feast days most directly connected with our parish — the Transfiguration of Our Lord on August 6, and Holy Cross Day on September 14 — our program year gradually ramps up each week with commissionings, blessings, training sessions, resumption of rehearsals, and excitement as we refocus our individual lives toward our shared life as a community of Christians.

This week you won’t want to miss three opportunities. On Sunday morning at 10:15, Brad Neary from The Saint John’s Bible will help us engage more richly with this wonderful new Bible. Sunday afternoon, we will host a Newcomer Reception at 4:00pm. And Sunday evening marks the beginning of the 19th season of Transfigured Nights, our music series, with a 5:00pm evensong in celebration of the parish’s founding 66 years ago on Holy Cross Day. (As in most years, we transfer this observance to the nearest Sunday following the appointed feast day, just as we do with our celebration of the Transfiguration.)

We invite you to join us for worship this weekend at one of our service times and hope that you will also take advantage of one of these additional opportunities to enrich your life.

For some fun facts on Transfiguration’s name and Sunday’s evensong, please read on!

  • Even though the Church of the Transfiguration was founded on Holy Cross Day in 1956, the new parish could not use “Holy Cross” for its name, as there already was an Episcopal church in the Oak Lawn area of the city of Dallas with that name.
  • Since 2007, the year following the festive celebration of Transfiguration’s 50th anniversary on Holy Cross Day, Transfigured Nights has begun its season with a solemn evensong celebrating that feast. This Sunday is our 16th!
  • The Anglican chant tone for Psalm 98 sung at evensong was composed by Francis Jackson. He served as director of music at York Minster from 1946 to 1982 and died this past January at over 104 years of age!
  • The setting of the evening service which will receive its “Transfiguration premiere” on Sunday evening was composed by Charles Villiers Stanford for the 1880 “Festival of the Sons of the Clergy” held in St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. It was commissioned for choir and full orchestra, highly unusual in the corpus of Anglican music for evensong.
  • The Introit – “Tune Me, O Lord” – was commissioned in honor of The Rev. William R. Bryant’s tenth anniversary of ordination to the priesthood in 1999. Bill and his wife Judy were parishioners of Transfiguration, and his calling to ordained ministry came during his time here, after a long career in secular employment.

Joel Martinson, Director of Music & Organist

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