The Fig warmly welcomed us in when we first came searching for a new church following our move to North Dallas five years ago. We knew the first time we attended that we had found the right place for our family; it has an energy, spirit and heart that feels like home for us. Through iParent and other adult formation classes, we have grown close to other families that are in a similar stage of life.
With a sometimes chaotic life at home with two young kids, church-going is not as consistent as would be ideal. However, we are still able to have important connections to and relationships with the church parish and leadership through not only Sunday services, but events like Trunk or Treat and Mass on the Grass. There is sincere understanding and interest in our family situation and it has no relation to whether we’ve been present every Sunday or not.
Watching our children grow up in the church is a joy: from first entering the infants’ nursery, Emmi’s baptism at the Fig, to Father Casey helping us answer theologically challenging questions posed by our five year old, Ezra. It is fulfilling as a parent to see a spiritual foundation instilled in our children that they will carry the rest of their lives.
The Fig’s identity is rooted in outreach. This is evident in so many ways: welcoming a refugee congregation into the church, identifying and sponsoring worthy recipients for grants, and so generously giving from offerings received at Easter and Christmas. When we give to the Fig, we know the church is living the Gospel message and being the hands and feet of Christ. We are blessed and grateful to be a part of that.