From the Rector
General Convention Hearings Update

On Thursday, about a dozen members of Transfiguration and several other friends from St. Thomas the Apostle traveled to Austin to take part in an important day of General Convention of The Episcopal Church. When GC last met three years ago in Salt Lake, our church approved marriage rites for same-sex couples at the same time the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. It was a momentous few days, but as you likely know, the joy we felt in the Diocese of Dallas was mitigated by the reality that our bishop did not approve the use of the marriage rites, which GC had made a requirement in the passing resolution.
During the last three years, I’ve met with so many of you who were deeply hurt and bitterly frustrated by this barrier. I’ve also attended weddings of Fig members in other cities, and helped couples connect with loving and hospitable churches in other dioceses where they could be wed. It was not what we wanted, but so many showed such courage and resilience, such that it was clear God was present and at work. All along, I tried to inspire hope that our beloved Episcopal Church would return to this matter and correct the loophole in the resolution. I felt confident that, if alerted to our presence (something we took great effort to do through a video and storytelling advocacy campaign), the deputies and bishops gathered would come to our aid when next they met at General Convention.
Fast forward to yesterday in Austin, and two public hearings at which fellow members of Transfiguration, Bob Button and Rosemary Luquire, and I, along with Mother Joy Daley and Fred Ellis from St. Thomas, were able to testify about our experiences in Dallas. There is no yet any clarity about what specific steps GC will take, but I am more confident than ever that a solution is coming that will enable us to finally offer true marriage equality at Transfiguration. Perhaps as early as this weekend, the deputies and bishops will begin debate on the various proposals, and a vote could happen quickly thereafter.
So I humbly ask your continued and fervent prayers for the leaders of our church in Austin, that God may illuminate all our minds and imaginations, and guide us forward to the joy of a new reality.
– Casey+