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Special Occassion Dedications & Donations

During the Christian Year we celebrate several special occasions. Make your Flower, Music, and other dedications and donations for those special times of the year here. The name of the button will reflect the special occasion for which your dedication will be made.

Make Easter Flower and Music Dedications

NOTE: Making a Special Occasion Dedication of Flowers & Music is a 2-step process. First, complete the form detailing the purpose of your gift. Second, give the financial gift in Realm. Click the button above and we will guide you through the simple steps.

Make Easter Butterfly Release Donations

Regular Flower Dedications

Help us glorify God and adorn our altar in beauty by making a gift toward our altar flowers throughout the year. Each week the Flower Guild creates magnificent arrangements for our altar, font, and entrances, as well as for our homebound parishioners, and your support helps this ministry continue to thrive. A gift of $300 covers our full weekly cost, though gifts of any size in honor or memory of loved ones or in appreciation for ministries, are welcomed.

    Once you have submitted your regular designation toward the altar flowers above, please click the PAY FOR REGULAR FLOWER DEDICATIONS button below and select “Flowers” from the drop-down menu. Thank you for your support of the Flower Guild at Transfiguration!