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This fall our stewardship campaign will feature the stories and images of dozens of different parishioners in order to help us portray the diversity of our church, both in people and ministries. During the next month, we’ll feature reflections by fellow members about doing the things that connect them with God, the things they love, and the things that help them serve and give back. Our theme, I Am Transfiguration, emphasizes that every member matters, every pledge counts, and every act of sacrificial generosity, no matter how big or small the dollar figure, is seen and known by God.

Packet Pick Up

You are invited to pick up a personalized stewardship packet when you enter or leave church this weekend including a unique, fold-out brochure, a letter from the Rector, and a pledge certificate. Any packet that is not picked up in person this weekend will be mailed early this week. By taking a few minutes to stop at the table, you are saving the church money on postage. You are invited to return your pledge certificate at any time throughout the campaign.

Stewardship Reflection Panels

In lieu of a sermon during all services Eucharist this weekend, Fr. Casey will engage in conversation with different members about how they feel connected to God at Transfiguration, and how they understand their giving to our church to be giving to God. This weekend’s panelists are Luann Welch, Tim Cutts, Jeremy Teeple, and Bill Edwards.

Our Goal

It is extremely important that our pledge results grow this year, and the Stewardship Committee has set a goal of a 10% total increase. This number stems from analysis of basic cost increases, as well as a desire to better pursue several of our strategic goals. Last year we welcomed over 50 new pledging households, in addition to nearly 400 returning pledging households, and this year we’ll need an even greater response to reach our goal! Every dollar we give counts toward our fulfillment of God’s work in the world through this congregation.

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