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Services: 12:00 p.m. with Communion of the Pre-sanctified |  7:00 p.m.*+
Stations of the Cross: 2:30 p.m. | 5:30 p.m.* Stations for Families with Children

*Childcare +Incense

Good Friday commemorates the passion and death of Jesus. In keeping with ancient tradition, we pray the Solemn Collects. In these prayers, we pray for nearly everything: for our own sins and redemption, for followers of Christ around the world, and for those who do not know God. On this day, we also venerate a plain wooden cross. This cross gives us a glimpse of the device used to crucify Jesus, but it also allows us to contemplate our own need to daily die to sin and to rise to new life. At our noon worship we share the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified, consuming all the remaining consecrated bread and wine from Maundy Thursday (note: this will occur only at the noon service). In keeping with ancient tradition, this is not a full celebration of the Eucharist, but a humble and quiet reception of communion on a day when we remember Christ’s death. No consecrated elements remain in the church following the noon service to underscore the feeling of absence and loss. While Good Friday is a solemn day, it is not a sad day. We should not pretend that we do not know the end of the story. Yes, Jesus dies, but from his death God makes possible the deliverance of all from death. Therefore, we depart the church in silence, as our Triduum liturgy is not yet over.

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