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Sunday, April 21
Holy Eucharist: 9:00 a.m.*   |   9:15 a.m* (Roper Hall)  |   11:15 a.m.*+
Reception and Butterfly Release: 10:30 a.m. on the Church Lawn

Since the earliest decades after Jesus’ death, the Church has celebrated Christ’s resurrection as the pinnacle of the year. It is the “Queen of Feasts,” the greatest and oldest celebration of God’s glorious work through Christ, and though it begins on Easter Day, in truth it lasts a full fifty days, known as “The Great Fifty Days.” On Easter Day we say and sing again Alleluia, which was omitted during Lent. Throughout the Church’s history, Alleluia (literally, “Praise the Lord”) has served as an expression of joy that is especially appropriate at Eastertide. The font will remain central in all Easter Day liturgies, and you are invited to touch the water of the Holy Water Font as a reminder of your own baptism, and the fellowship all believers have with the risen Christ through those holy waters. The traditional posture of prayer during Easter is standing. The Council of Nicaea in 325CE forbade kneeling for prayer during the Great Fifty Days, and we encourage you to stand with joy and gratitude throughout our worship during Eastertide.

*Childcare  + Incense

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