When we joined Transfiguration over 30 years ago, my husband Bart and I could not have imagined what a significant role the Church would come to have in our lives. As newcomers, we were eager to get to know the clergy and other parishioners and began volunteering in areas we felt drawn to serve.
I was recruited to be an acolyte warden by Bill Grona, and have enjoyed the privilege of helping the young acolytes grow into their positions over the years. I have gotten to know many children and their parents. Serving these young people has made me feel closer to God.
Early in his days belonging to Episcopal Men’s Fellowship (EMF), Bart was drawn to the kitchen as a place of service where he could make an impact providing fresh, homemade food to the Church family.  Now, he’s known as “Chef Bart” by the EMF guys. If you’ve ever found yourself at an EMF function and thought, “this is great food,” know that Bart and the EMF team are behind the scenes. He also prepares meals for parishioners who are at home following an operation or illness. Bart believes that preparing and serving a meal is an act of kindness that brings people together, those on the preparation side and those on the receiving side. He believes that God values these efforts.

We continue to contribute our time and make our pledge each year to Transfiguration because we experience God here. We’ve been humbled by the fellowship of others who have become our closest friends. We are grateful for the sanctuary of the church and the comfort of the Lord. Bart and I believe it’s important that we parishioners are there for the church just as the church is there for all of us. Every family, every person, every pledge, every prayer, no matter how great or small, is an important reflection of who we are and what we value together.