By Father Casey

This weekend is a big deal at Transfiguration – which you might expect, since we’re celebrating the Feast of the Transfiguration!

It’s always a special day in a church’s life when you remember the saint or story from which you take your name, and I continue to thank God for the blessing of being named for this remarkable moment in the life of Christ. It is a story that abounds with power and relevance, no matter how often we remember it, and every time I read it, I come away with fresh inspiration for the work of following Jesus.

To help us celebrate this weekend, there will be not one, not two, but three special events! First, the Outreach Committee is hosting our first ever “Great Fig Bake Off.” 20 brave and talented bakers are preparing tasty treats for us to enjoy, and at the end of the morning we’ll crown a winner. There is a small “tasting fee,” with the proceeds going to Aunt Betty’s Pantry, a ministry of St. Philip’s School and Community Center in south Dallas. So save your breakfast carbs until you get to church, because it’s going to be awesome.

Second, we’ll dedicate the new solar roof of our church with a brief ceremony before all three services. The installation of this roof is an important sign of our commitment as stewards of the earth, and it’s a big stride toward our goal of eliminating our reliance on energy made from fossil fuels. I know we’d all love some rain, or a break in the heat, but at least we can now benefit from all the unrelenting sunshine by generating electricity!

Third, this weekend we’ll debut our Heritage Edition of the St. John’s Bible. This extraordinary illuminated Bible is simply breathtaking, and this weekend we’ll have all seven volumes in display in the Gathering Space, and use one of the volumes to read the gospel on Sunday morning. I could sit and gaze upon the St. John’s Bible for hours (I know, because I have), for it  has given me a profound new experience with the Word of God. I can’t wait to witness all of you encounter these gorgeous volumes, and the way Scripture comes alive through the skill of human hands.

We are currently working with a designer to create a set of permanent display cases, so the seven volumes can be viewed all the time in the Gathering Space. Until then, the next occasion when the full set will be on view is the weekend of September 17-18, when we’ll welcome Brad Neary, Director of the St. John’s Bible Heritage Program, to speak at the adult forum. In the meantime, the Gospels and Acts will be our new Gospel Book, processed in our worship on Sundays – so you might think about changing pews to get a good look (I know, heresy)!

Like I said, this weekend is a big deal. Come and gaze upon the Transfigured Christ as we celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration. Taste some treats and help us raise some money to feed hungry neighbors. Join our prayers of thanksgiving for the new solar roof. And look with wonder at the Word of God in our new Bible.

If you’re in town, I very much hope you’ll join us.

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