Ron Damholt

The work of the Peace Post, hosted by the Episcopal Peace Fellowship, is grounded in two very basic Christian beliefs: that God

Peter Soper

How does Transfiguration connect  me with God? Through education. Over the past three years at the Fig, through the lessons and adult

Billie McMiller Daniels

I am often asked, "Why are you a member of the Episcopal Church?" Why am I Transfiguration? Simply the answer is unity

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Darlene Justice

I have been a member of the Fig for nearly 11 years so I am a relative newcomer. My roles, responsibilities and

Bart Stockton

I am probably most visible to you on Sunday mornings marching into the nave with the choir at the 11:15 service, and

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Joan Payseur

Forty Years at Transfiguration We Payseurs discovered and joined Transfiguration when we moved to Dallas in the spring of 1977.  For 40

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