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January 28, 2019

As the Capital Discernment Committee wraps up our work, we wanted to make sure we heard from you as you are part of this process! In November we launched a short survey to gather your feedback on our Capital needs. Over 150 parishioners responded to the survey and helped give us some important insights on what is important to the parish and how we should focus our energy.

Based on the data, most of you agree that our current physical space meets most of our needs, but that we need focus on important capital repairs. However, we realize that some of our spaces could use some improvements as well and we want to get an idea of how to prioritize any potential future projects.

Here’s some insights you provided:




Based on responses we can see that we are a lively parish that values our liturgy and our fellowship. There is significant desire from the parish to improve Roper Hall and the Kitchen as well as updating our sacristy, which is one of the oldest spaces on our campus that hasn’t had significant renovations.

While our main focus will be our immediate capital needs, we are keeping an eye on the future as well to see if we can prioritize other projects that would make a significant impact to our parish life.

Lastly, while we know that we have significant capital needs and potential projects ahead of us we are cognizant that our current operating budget does not have the capacity to pay for these needs without significant cuts. We may need to explore more options such as a capital campaign, which the Vestry will consider.

Beyond the multiple choice questions you also gave us some informative free-form responses. Based on many of the responses to the question about what would encourage you to participate in a potential Capital Campaign, we see that clarity is very important:

  • “A clear plan, and one that recognizes the ongoing need for financial resources for any buildings that we operate”
  • “A clear message of how capital improvements will benefit the members and allow people a comfortable and purposeful place to gather.”
  • “Clear goals, regular communication, gift acknowledgment, impact/outcomes reporting.”

We want to thank all of you for sharing your insights with us. We taken your feedback into account as we make our final presentation and recommendations to the vestry. We thank you for your prayers and support in this Discernment process. If you have any questions, please contact Mat Thekkil,


On Sunday, July 29, 2018, the Capital Discernment Committee made a presentation to the parish about their progress. This committee (formerly the Chapel Discernment Committee) is continuing our work on assessing the church’s past, present, and future capital needs. The committee members consist of Randy Bauer, Hollye Fisk, Chuck Huffman, Bill Keslar, Liz Kerner, Mike Mignardi, Julia Trizzino, Whitney Holley, Fr. Casey, and is chaired by Mat Thekkil. You the parish are part of the discernment process, too.