The third in a series of five sessions exploring Biblical Theology & The Saint John’s Bible. Our guest today is Dr. Roy Heller from Perkin’s School of Theology SMU. He is presenting on the topic of Sin: what does the Bible actually say about t it, and how can that help us as we strive to be faithful. You are invited to join us on this coming Wednesday evening, March 15 for our Lent Wednesday program of Stations of the Cross beginning at 5:00pm followed by the Holy Eucharist at 6:00pm and a Lenten Meal.  A special Lenten Formation class at 7:00pm will allow you to experience a Visio Divina based on Dr. Heller’s presentation.  A Visio Divina is a scriptural mediation using the illuminations from The Saint John’s Bible. The evening culminate with Sung Compline at 8:00pm. Please join us.