The very first time we came to Fig to try it out we were immediately greeted, welcomed and introduced to others.  That was just the first step in our assimilation process. Then, besides the wonderful worship services, we started meeting the people of Transfiguration. In contemplating, what to write about what I consider as the most important part of Fig, I have to say that it’s the people.

When I think about all the things we do at Fig, they all involve the people. Congregation, staff, clergy and those we serve on the outside. When we became involved with them we became involved with the Church. The EMF, which I am very active in, is a fellowship united by friendship and service to the parish and others. The wonderful folks of Saint Elizabeth’s have always cared for us and each other. When I was out of the country for several months they looked after Barbara with loving kindness. Now besides meeting once a month for fellowship they also provide food to those members of the congregation who may be sick or shut in. And by now everyone knows the story about Father Michael’s past connection with Barbara, which has caused a friendship that was dormant for many years to reawaken and blossom.

But, of course it is more than any single thing. It is Transfigured Nights, Sunday Classes, Lenten classes and dinners, Thanksgiving Square, Habitat, Summer movies, EMF, ushering, greeting, LEM service, parish committees, Foyers, worship, music, and the friendships that have developed. All of them are driven by the people of this church. The buildings and facilities give us a place to meet and worship and serve as a catalyst for our involvement. Yet, a house does not make a home, it’s the people in the house that do.

So God has put this wonderful, diverse group of people together for a cause. That cause can be summed up in “Love each other,” which is continuously demonstrated whether we notice it or not.

My giving goes to God in that it goes to supporting and sustaining this unique place for all this outreach and Christian love to happen.



Mother’s Day this year was very special for me. My daughter Alison, who was married at Fig two years ago, sent me a surprise album of pictures from the wedding. In the first few pages there was included a picture of the bell tower. Ali knew I would love that because it is a symbol of the Fig and the Fig is my home.

Here is where I come to seek God and serve him. Here is where I choose to worship, sing, pray, socialize, and serve in ministries I believe in and feel called to.

My choice to be part of this wonderful place is in great part to its amazing people. As I am ushering or greeting and I look out to see these people, I am so grateful that although we are all different on the outside and on the inside, we are all here to seek Him. We are a part of something bigger than just one of us. As we prepare our Angel tree or fill bags of food for the pantry’s families we are working as one to serve.

Giving to this place is giving to God because we are all here to seek, learn, grow and serve, and I know I belong here. This is my place, where when I give and serve I find exactly what I am supposed to find, know what I am meant to know, and love as He asks me to do. It is my pleasure and my honor to do so.