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The summer season is upon us and, whether or not you actually get a summer vacation, it seems that the entire country slows down a bit. Children are out from school, schedules become lax, and the heat makes everyone lethargic. Regular church attendance becomes impossible if you throw in travel or visiting family right?

The truth is worship should continue whether or not you are on vacation and the Episcopal Church is large enough that almost everywhere you go in the country, and in 17 nations if you’re so lucky to put that passport to use!, you can find a pew on Sunday morning. The national church has even made it easy on you, here is a link where you can find a church by zip code 

We think of building community in our local community, but traveling is a wonderful reminder that the Church is everywhere and people are working in all time zones to build relationships with God and with each other. Vacations are times of relaxation and peace (hopefully!) so what better time to reflect on God’s word and the beautiful liturgy of Sunday morning services?

I want to hear from those of you lucky enough to travel this summer, will you be visiting a church while on vacation? I want to know why or why not and then I want to hear about wonderful parishes that you’ve found. Remember to keep your bulletins and bring them back to post on the Fig’s bulletin board!

As for those of you staying in Dallas this summer, I hope to see you in our Sunday morning coffee house and then worship with you!