Prayers & Confession: Amber Guyger Conviction

Prayers of the People Let us pray for the Church and for the world. God of love, we pray for your church:

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The Object of Our Prayer

Jesus is on the side of the poor, abused, and oppressed. It will not win, because just as he was in all the strange dark days of history, Jesus is on the side of justice and peace. So, as his followers, let’s be sure we’re on his side, the side with the great cloud of witnesses, the side of the Kingdom of God.

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While He was Praying

Sermon by: The Rev. Rebecca TankersleyTransfiguration Sunday

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Busy May – Easter 3

From the Rector In case you didn’t notice, it’s May. So. Very. May. It is probably the prettiest month of the year

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February 21 – Episcopal Men’s Fellowship Dinner: Intercessory Prayer

The Prayer of the Righteous is Powerful and Effective: An Evening on Prayer with Mtr. Rebecca

Life Together: Epiphany 3

From the Rector Most of you know of my deep regard for the witness of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German pastor, teacher, and

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