Six Days Before the Passover: Fifth Sunday in Lent

From the Associate Rector Grace to you and peace from God, our Father, and the Lord, Jesus Christ. I hope you were

Who Is My Neighbor Recap: Lent 4

From the Rector On Wednesdays in Lent, we’ve been exploring one of the simplest questions asked of Jesus, which elicited from him

Remove Your Shoes: Lent 3

From the Rector Back when I was in seminary, I had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia, where I experienced the unique holiness

Grieving Together: Lent 2

From Our Pastoral Assistant An old saying, and one that continues to be true, is that there are only two things that

Problem with the World – Lent 1

From the Rector In the early 1900s, The Times of London invited people to write in letters addressing the question, “What is

UMC Decision – Last Epiphany

From the Rector March 1, 2019 Although it may have felt at times in the long years past that we at Transfiguration

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