Dear Transfiguration friends,

We continue to monitor advice from healthcare professionals and are encouraged by the growing percentage of the population getting vaccinated. There is abundant evidence that vaccinated people are safe in nearly every setting, including unmasked indoors. If you have not yet gotten vaccinated, and you are eligible, I hope you will do so very soon. When so many of the problems facing our world feel out of our control to help, this is a simple way we can contribute to the common good. Just two shots to show we really do love our neighbors as ourselves.

Importantly, I want to let you know that our protocols at Transfiguration for attendance at indoor worship have not changed. We will continue to require everyone to wear a mask while indoors, and have temporarily suspended indoor gatherings where food and drink are served. Until such time as vaccination is available to children, and vaccination rates reach a much higher level in our region and country, it will remain important that we take care when together indoors. Wearing a mask is a small inconvenience that demonstrates our love for those who are not yet protected by a vaccine.

The good news is we will continue to offer opportunities to participate in worship and formation both in-person and virtually. I am hopeful that restrictions surrounding in-person gatherings will be lifted in coming months, but until then, I humbly ask for your continued cooperation and patience.

The light shines at the end of the tunnel of this long ordeal, but we have not yet reached the end of the pandemic. As Christians, love and concern for our neighbors, rather than individual liberty, must continue to orient our actions. I hope you will pray for all in positions of authority, especially the medical and scientific community and those who make decisions that affect the lives of others. We need wisdom and guidance to navigate these times, and we all remain in need of the mercy of God.

Grace and peace be with you.

The Rev. Casey Shobe