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Step 1

• Click on the “Create an Account” button above.

When the login screen appears…

• Click on the “Need a Login – Click Here”
You will need to provide an email address, your first and last name as they exist in our current database. If any of the information you provide does not match, you will not be able to create an account. Contact Christopher Thomas to get correct information.

• If the information you entered is correct, you should get a “Congratulations…” message. You will then be sent an email to the email address you gave that will contain your User Name and Password.

• With this information, go back to the My Fig Family login screen. Enter the User Name and Password provided in the email.

• You will then be required to enter a new password twice. Remember this User Name and Password.

• You will now be taken to your Overview Page.

Step 2

• Verify the information we have on file for you
To change any information, click on the pencil icon. Make your changes and submit. The changes will not actually take place at that moment. The church office will receive your request to change information. Once approved, it will appear in your record after the next data upload, usually done once each week on Thursday or Friday.

• Mark Your Personal Preferences
Choose the Home menu and click on “My Personal Preferences”. Here, you can indicate what information is viewable by others.

• Fill out the Serving content
There are 6 tabs (Spiritual Gifts, Interests, Talents, Personality Traits, Experience and Qualifications). In each tab, there are a number of choices. Select those that best fit you by clicking on the box.

• Have fun investigating the Group and Contribution information in your record
In the near future, we will be loading the church calendar events, volunteer opportunities and online contributions. At the end of the year, you will be able to print your own year-end tax record of contributions. So, revisit your page often for updated information.