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This year for Lent we are experimenting with a parish-wide discipline by asking the whole church to participate in the program Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John, a Bible study that focuses on the Gospel of John and 1 John. This program was designed by The Society of St. John the Evangelist and the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary.

During Lent, we will create small groups that will use the curriculum set up in Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John. We are a large church, and small groups are one important way to learn the stories of the people in the pew beside you. Groups will have a trained facilitator and will meet weekly for five consecutive weeks to discuss that week’s scripture and to engage in communal reflection.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for small groups – we have over 100 participants! Registration is now closed.

Regardless of your ability to join a small group, everyone is invited to register at www.meetingjesusinjohn.org to receive a link every day during Lent with a video for reflection. Journals are also available for download or by emailing Mother Erin at ewarde@transfiguration.net.


This year, we will continue to offer our service of Holy Eucharist on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. in the church. However, we will not have our typical Lenten Wednesday evening program with a soup supper and speaker to follow. To make the small group format available to families with children and youth, we will offer childcare and children’s programming. The youth group will use the same curriculum to have their own small group. There will truly be Lenten formation opportunities for all of our members!

The Wednesday evening program for children, Legos in Lent: Building Faith Brick by Brick, will engage the stories of God through Lego bricks. Children ages 5 years through 5th grade are invited into an playful, piece-by-piece building of a different Bible story each week, while children 4 years and younger will have a modified Legos in Lent lesson in the nursery. Please contact Cindy Hauser at chauser@transfiguration.net with questions.