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The Rev. R. Casey Shobe, D.Min.

Rector // 972-233-1898, ext. 233

The Rev. Rebecca Tankersley

Senior Associate Rector // 972-233-1898 ext.242

The Rev. Nancy DeStefano

Pastoral Assistant // 214-449-8226

The Rev. Ted Clarkson

Curate // 972-233-1898 ext. 222

The Rev. Terence C. Roper

Rector Emeritus




Cathleen Dolt

Parish Administrator // 972-233-1898 ext. 230

Mary Hall

Bookkeeper // 972-233-1898

Lana Mederos

Executive Assistant to the Rector // 972-233-1898 ext. 223

Gabby Guion

Minister for Congregational Life // 972-233-1898 ext. 240

TJ McCoy

Director of Communications // 972-233-1898 ext. 228

Al Blackwell

Al Blackwell

Digital Communications Specialist // 972-233-1898, ext. 228

Allison Blalock

Director of Children's Ministries // 972-233-1898, ext. 241

Delynda Moravec

Director of Youth Ministries // 972-233-1898 ext. 237

Joel Martinson

Director of Music & Organist // 972-233-1898 ext. 243

Chris Ahrens

Youth Choir Director // 972-233-1898

Kimberly Ahrens

Children's Choir Director // 972-233-1898

Stefan Engels

Artist-In-Residence // 972-233-1898

Bracken Reece

Director of Operations // 972-233-1898 ext. 248

Francisco Negrete






Vestry Application

Convention Delegate Application


The Vestry is a board of twelve laypersons who have material responsibility for the parish. The parishioners elect four Vestry members annually to serve three-year terms.


Mark Ramsay, Sr. Warden
Peggy Kwoka, Jr. Warden
Chip Brownlee
Kristin Cutts
Jodi Dalton
Scott Daniels
Robbi Dietrich
Lacey Garcia
Gabby Guion
Linda Horton
Jeremy Teeple
Peter Young
Jay Madrid, Parish Chancellor
Allison Murphy, Treasurer
Libby Nicodemus, Clerk








2022 Vestry Minutes and Materials

2021 Vestry Minutes and Materials

2020 Vestry Minutes and Materials


2019 Vestry Minutes and Materials



2018 Vestry Minutes and Materials





Diocesan Convention Delegates


George Banitch
Gene Bledsoe
Hal Bybee
Chris Dick
Louise Harms
Jim Kirkman
Elaine Sweet


Oliver Cone
Ron Damholt
Sarita Florida
Linda Horton
Bill Keslar
Sam Jackson
Bart Stockton