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Compassion in the City: An Evening with Glennon Doyle – September 25, 2017


On September 25 Church of the Transfiguration will partner with First United Methodist Church of Dallas to cosponsor an evening with Glennon Doyle. Glennon is a New York Times bestselling author and highly sought-after speaker who blends humor, candor, and wisdom to reveal profound truths about life and faith. She is the founder of Momastery, an online community that reaches millions of people each week, and she is also the creator and president of Together Rising, a non-profit organization that has raised $7 million for families around the world through its “Love Flash Mobs,” which helped revolutionized online giving.

Transfiguration and FUMC will jointly welcome her to deliver a talk titled “Compassion in the City,” which will focus on how we can become more compassionate people and build a more compassionate society. This topic is more relevant than ever, as we discern how to resist the rising tide of extremism that has resulted in a growing number of hate groups right here in Texas. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there are now 55 groups operating in Texas, and the number is rising. As Christians, we are disciples of one who teaches us what it means to truly love our neighbor as ourselves (Luke 10:25-37), and how great and sacrificial a calling it is to be people of compassion. Glennon will speak from her personal experiences about this hard, beautiful work (she coined the word “brutiful” to describe when life is both brutal and beautiful), and encourage us all to renew our efforts to change the world one compassionate moment at a time.

“Compassion in the City: An Evening with Glennon Doyle” will be held at First United Methodist in Dallas on Monday, September 25 at 7:30 p.m.

Early bird tickets are available for $25 until August 10, 2017. Regular tickets are $30. Click the Buy Tickets buttons on this page to purchase.


Luncheon with Civic, Religious, and Non-profit Leaders in DFW

That same day Transfiguration will host a luncheon for civic, religious, and non-profit leaders of the Metroplex, at which Glennon will be the keynote speaker. This event is not open to the public, but we are recruiting volunteers to help us offer this gift to those who are on the frontlines of the compassionate movement right here in our community. You are also invited to purchase a copy of Glennon’s most recent book, Love Warrior, available in the Kay Andrews’ Bookstore.

The St. Catherine’s Fund

In 2015, a generous gift was given by anonymous donors-$10,000 a year for five years, to fund outside speakers and various lectures at Transfiguration. This gift was named the St. Catherine’s Fund after St. Catherine of Alexandria, patron saint of philosophers and preachers, as she herself was a noted scholar. Additionally, it is said that theologians, apologists, preachers, and philosophers called on her in prayer to intercede for them, an opportunity we might also take as we discern what speakers to invite!

St. Catherine, Most blessed and favored patron saint, Thou who sought the truth with perseverance, loved the truth in humility, taught the truth in charity, and defended the truth with courage, pray for us. Obtain for us the grace to persevere in truth, to be a light in the darkness of the times in which we live, and to convey to others, both in our written words and in our actions, the responsibility, wisdom, and knowledge to proclaim the truths of our holy Faith as proclaimed by the Church. O holy virgin and bride of Christ, whose letters inspired, guided, and led the Church to renewal and transformation, obtain too for us the grace to live the truth, the patience to endure the trials and hardships, to carry our Cross in the spirit of prayer and self denial, and to defend the Church in its hour of crucifixion. We ask these in Christ’s name, Amen.


Lenten Evening Series: Called to a Life of Prayer

March 8 – April 5, 2017

In our baptismal covenant, we vow to continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of the bread, and in prayer.  Our catechism defines prayer as “responding to God, by thought and by deeds, with or without words.”  We are, as a Church, called to a life of prayer, but that can be made manifest in myriad ways.  During this five-week study in Lent we reflected on our calling to a life of prayer from a variety of viewpoints. The lectures ranged from the topic of intercessory prayer, to prayer within the monastic life, to even Jewish prayer practices that can influence and enrich our own, and much more.  Guest speakers included our own The Rev. Paul Bradshaw, Emeritus faculty at Notre Dame, specializing in liturgical studies; Rabbi Ariel Boxman, Rabbi-Educator at Temple Shalom; and Adam White, Minister of Discipleship at Grace Methodist, and a Prior at the Missional Wisdom Foundation.  By reflecting together about both the challenges and joys of prayer, and praying together weekly through Eucharist and evening prayer, we explored how we are formed as a community and given direction in our common prayer life, as well as how we pray when we are alone. 

Advent Speaker: Danielle Shroyer

Cliché as it is, the holiday season finds even the most well-intentioned of us scrambling to get it all done, agonizing over how to make everything meaningful and beautiful in the process. Rather than a season of waiting, Advent can feel like a time of guilt and perfectionism, when every moment, present, and meal has to be done just so.

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Becca Stevens

Becca Stevens is an author, speaker, priest, social entrepreneur, founder and president of Thistle Farms. She has been featured in the New York Times, on ABC World News, NPR, PBS, and was recently named a 2016 CNN Hero.

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