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On Saturday, January 19, we will host a Celebration and Blessing of Marriage with Renewal of Vows for all our same-sex couples who were married away from our beloved church. Same-sex couples who have a signed marriage license (that is, were previously married either in a civil or religious ceremony) are invited to participate, and the whole church is invited to come celebrate. This joyous event will take place during our usual 5:30 service of Holy Eucharist and will be followed by a huge party in Roper Hall. Given that this event has been many decades in waiting, we want it to be as glorious as possible. Donations are warmly invited, and may be made anytime in coming weeks (memo: Same-Sex Marriage Celebration). Please contact Fr. Casey (cshobe@transfiguration.net) to express your interest in participating in the blessing. If you are a same-sex couple who is interested in being married at Transfiguration (you haven’t yet been married in a civil or religious ceremony), you are encouraged to speak with a member of the clergy about preparation and scheduling a wedding date.

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