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The Transfiguration Endowment provides a stable financial pool to protect the church in case of emergency, as well as generate funds for the advance of our mission. It was begun in the late 1970s, and has gradually grown through gifts and careful management. Today the Endowment consists of three distinct funds, which serve distinct needs in our church.

The General Fund is our largest fund, and is often the designee of members of our church in their estate planning. This fund has helped fund a wide variety of projects through the years, including the commission of the Altar, an expansion of our parking area, a renovation of the Youth Center, and most recently, the retirement of our final remaining debt from the construction of the South Building.

The Jeff Pierce Youth Endowment Fund was named for the late Jeff Pierce, who was passionate about our youth ministries and wanted to help ensure generous funds for the ministry’s future. This fund helps us send youth on mission trips and our biennial pilgrimage.

The Endowment is managed by a Board of Trustees, who ensure the three funds’ proper management, and evaluate ideas for fund distribution. If you would like to learn more about the Endowment, contact Jim Kirkman, Chair of the Board of Endowment Trustees at


It is crucial to the future health of our church that the Endowment continue to grow, not only through careful management and investment, but also through the thoughtful inclusion of the Endowment in our members’ estate plans. We have an opportunity in death to significantly bless future generations of Transfiguration parishioners, and everyone is encouraged to include our church in their wishes. If you would like to explore options and ideas for how to include Transfiguration in your estate plans, please contact Christopher Thomas at You are also encouraged to download a copy of “Decisions: Not Just Between God and Me,” which includes various important documents and resources that can help you plan for the end of life.