We are excited to present Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration’s 2020 Christmas Pageant. Wonder and wander with the Holy Family as we celebrate the Nativity of Christ. Directed by our very own Delynda Moravec and produced by Alex Vorse of Shiny Box Pictures – this will be a Christmas event you won’t want to miss!
A Note from the Director:
This year’s Christmas Pageant is not just for children.  It is a work of love created by countless volunteers over many months and a true gift to our Parish.
Before you watch the Pageant, I would like to extend a few words of thanks:
I want to thank the leadership of the church, especially Father Casey, Mother Rebecca, and Cindy Hauser, for allowing us the amazing opportunity to create something so special during a time when joy sometimes seems hard to find.
I want to thank the parents for trusting us to make the movie safely,
I want to thank Kipton Moravec for building me a stable because I asked him to.
I want to thank Alex Vorse and Travis Beverly of Shiny Box Productions for creating magic on screen.
And most of all, I want to thank all the beautiful children who participated in the Pageant for bringing each of us “Good News of Great Joy”.
Merry Christmas!
With a grateful heart,
Delynda Moravec

For full screen, click the square in the bottom right corner of the video player.