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When trying to get through to his thick-headed disciples, Jesus often looked to children as models. Children possess an innate sense of wonder and awe, and they understand holiness better than most adults. At Transfiguration, we respect our kids and not only do we strive to serve their growing faith, but we also know they have much to teach adults, too.

At the heart of our formation ministries for children, we seek to introduce them to Jesus Christ through prayer, story, play, and service. We believe it is profoundly important that kids meet and experience God, not as some detached, old, cloud-dwelling grandfather, but as a living, loving, and very much engaged presence in their lives. God is not a subject to be studied, but someone with whom we have a life-changing, life-giving relationship.

For us, this happens in a variety of ways. It begins on Sunday mornings with worship. We offer an age-appropriate chapel service for kids ages four through third grade, to help kids experience Scripture, prayer, and worship in ways they understand and enjoy. We also offer a diverse array of classes on Sunday morning for kids so that each child has a nurturing environment in which to learn and grow.

Beyond Sundays, we offer special sessions during Lent and Advent, age-appropriate worship services in Holy Week, Easter, and Christmas, first informed communion classes to help kids better understand our sacramental life, and a week-long Vacation Bible School in the summer.

It is a privilege to share the Christian faith with kids, so all our efforts are rooted and grounded in love.


Classroom size is limited so we encourage you to register your child or grandchild as soon as possible.
Transfiguration offers a traditional and Montessori style classroom experience for children 2 years through 5th grade. The age cut-off is the same as Texas public schools, September 1st. Children stay in the class they are registered for the school year (2018-19).
The curriculum for each age group is designed to provide children not only with knowledge, but also with a sense of belonging and of the love of God. To help you choose which curriculum is best for your child, consider their learning style, age and read the description of each curriculum provided.
If you have any questions contact Cindy Hauser, Director of Children’s Ministries at chauser@transfiguration.net or 972-233-1898 x241
Options by Curriculum & Age/Grade
  • Wee Wonder – Montessori Style – 2 and 3 year olds
  • Godly Play – Montessori Style – PK – 5th grade
  • Holy Moly – Traditional Style – PK – 3rd grade
  • Connect – Traditional Style – 4th & 5th grade
Offered in our nursery for 2 & 3 year olds | Wee Wonder  introduces young children to God through song, action rhymes, Bible stories and responsive play.or this option. It is for children in nursery care during the formation hour.
Offered for 4 year olds – 5th grade | Montessori Style ClassroomGodly Play is a Montessori based curriculum written by The Rev. Jerome Berryman. Godly Play follows the pattern of Christian worship and our church seasonal calendar. Godly Play teaches children religious language through sacred stories, parables and liturgical action, as well as enhances their spiritual experience through wonder and responsive play. Download Parent Pages here.

Offered for PreK – 3rd grade | Traditional Style Classroom – Holy Moly is a Bible-centered curriculum that brings the Bible to life with animated videos, creative activities, and age-appropriate Bibles. Every Holy Moly lesson follows a four-part sequence: Discover, Relate, Connect, and Create.

Offered for our 4th & 5th Graders | Traditional Style Classroom – Connect is a Bible-centered curriculum, with just enough humor to get our fourth and fifth graders hooked. Using videos, hands-on activities, and Bible exploration, Connect helps our students uncover major Biblical themes and discover how the Bible relates to their own lives.
Children’s Chapel is offered during both the 9:00 and 11:15 a.m. Eucharist for children age four years through second grade. This service is designed for those too old for nursery care, but too young to fully appreciate the full service. Children are invited to follow the wooden cross behind the main procession out the North Transept. During their time together, they gather to hear the Gospel, sing, say the Creed and share Prayers of the People, returning to the church at the Peace in time to rejoin their families for the Eucharist.
Professionally staffed childcare is provided for ages six weeks through five years at the Sunday 9:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. services. Children under the age of three may remain in childcare during the education hour, if parents remain on campus. A staff of paid employees offers children and their parents the consistency and love they deserve. They quickly learn about each child and can care for them in the way they respond to best while their parents are in worship, class or meetings. Most importantly, children learn at an early age that church is a wonderful place where they can see their friends (old and young) and learn that God loves them.
Children’s Chapel
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The Episcopal Church welcomes all baptized persons, regardless of age, to receive communion. However, there is a time when guided instruction about the Eucharist is helpful and necessary. Transfiguration’s First Informed Communion Retreat is designed to help children and parents connect with the Eucharist by explaining why we do what we do and what we believe it means. Children must be at least six years of age and baptized to participate. 

F.I.C. Retreat – Sunday, 10/27/2019 – 1 to 4 p.m.
F.I.C. Service & Reception – Sunday, 11/03/2109 – 9:00 a.m. service

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Photo by John MakowskiChildren are always welcome in all worship services at Transfiguration, and they’re invited to lead in worship, as well. Children may become acolytes starting in third grade. We also offer worship opportunities during certain seasons of the church calendar that are specifically created for children to understand their traditions. During Holy Week, there is a workshop on Palm Sunday afternoon, detailing the events of Holy Week, and age-appropriate services for children on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter.

Each year we have an annual Advent Festival near the start of the season of Advent, two early Christmas Eve liturgies featuring the children carrying in the pieces of the Crèche to build the nativity scene, and an Epiphany pageant that requires no advanced rehearsal or experience.

Photo by Colin Hills.

Each summer, we host Vacation Bible School for children ages PreK – 5th grade for the community. A theme is presented that invites children to learn more about the Christian faith. This week-long morning program is available to children age Pre-K (by Sept. 1) – 4th grade. It is an exciting program full of music, crafts, bible stories and hands-on learning opportunities.


All 4th & 5th graders are invited to participate in fellowship and outreach as an IMPACT KID. This is the group formally known as the Breakfast Club.

At Baptism we hear the words, ” You have put on the new life in Christ and are vested as a minister of The Gospel.” As an IMPACT KID our young people are given the opportunity to live into their baptismal covenant and be the Good News, ministers of the Gospel, within our church community and beyond, through fellowship and outreach.

Our IMPACT KIDS have already begun their ministry through addressing the issue of child hunger. You may have already seen their video on the monitors in the tower cloister. If not, you can check it out below. They are now putting their ideas into action and currently collecting change to make a change in child hunger. We ask that you join our IMPACT KIDS by donating your change. Look for the water jugs through out the church to donate your change and be on the look out for what they will be doing next.


Please contact Cindy Hauser, Director of Children’s Ministries, with any questions about children’s Ministries at Transfiguration.