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Quenching Our Thirst | Guest Post

Guest Post: Fr. Michael Merriman This Sunday we hear from Exodus of God’s people desiring water to quench their thirst in the

Checking In

As we move further into Lent this weekend, I want to check in with you about how it’s going. How are you

The Lord’s Prayer

This weekend, after the holy start to the season on Ash Wednesday, we take a deeper dive into Lent. As I wrote

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Getting Ready for Lent

It’s funny, some years it feels like I’ve barely had time to get the nativities put away before I’m mixing pancake batter and

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Leviticus, Holiness, and the Sermon on the Mount

This weekend we’ll read from one of the most feared books in all the Bible: Leviticus. Recognizing the way it’s been weaponized

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Farewell and Welcome

For nearly a decade, Deacon Liz O’Donnell has guided our pastoral care ministries with compassion and faith. She has worked patiently over that time to serve people it would be easy for us to overlook: our sick, homebound, and hospitalized parishioners.