From the Rector

 I am still basking in the residual joy of Advent and Christmas. They are beautiful seasons for all churches, but (and call me a proud parent) I think they are especially wonderful in the life of Transfiguration. Our worship takes on additional richness, the décor is even more beautiful than normal (truly high praise around here!), and there is a spirit of hope and peace that permeates our congregational life. I wonder if you felt it, too? If so, I hope it’s lingering with you.

As I’ve been reflecting on a beautiful end of the year, I can’t help but acknowledge how wonderful it was to welcome several dozen visitors in November and December, and how grateful I am for the full congregations every week. Perhaps you were among those who felt drawn to worship more regularly during Advent and Christmas, and if so, I hope the experience richly blessed you. There is something palpably holy about a church filled with praying, singing, hopeful worshipers, something that helps you more easily feel the presence of God.
It is my fervent hope that we can continue that feeling of vibrancy and joy as we begin this new year, so I want to invite you to recommit yourself to regular attendance on weekends. We are the full embodiment of Christ’s Body when we’re gathered in worship, and we receive so much from that experience of being with one another in prayer. In addition, education for all ages is back in full swing, so there are programs to foster the faith of every single person in our church every Sunday morning this winter and spring. Allow the seeds planted in the holy soil of Advent and Christmas to germinate this Epiphanytide, because I promise you will be that much readier for Lent when it comes in mid-February.
Speaking of Lent, I want to give a small foretaste of something exciting that is coming in Lent that is connected to our congregational life and vitality. This Lent, we’re going to experiment with small groups, as we explore the Gospel of John using a study developed by the Episcopal monks of the Society of St. John the Evangelist. More information is below about this program, but the idea is to connect people with small groups where faith and relationships can be formed in more intimate ways. The staff and I are excited to see how this nurtures the faithful vibrancy we see bubbling up all around our church.
Grace and peace be with you, dear friends. See you this weekend.