From the Rector
Looking for Patience

This Friday morning I’m feeling grateful for the staff of Transfiguration, who work extraordinarily hard to serve and support our church. We are in a time of transition in programmatic leadership, with Mother Erin’s acceptance of a call to be the rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Ada, Oklahoma, and our ongoing search for a new Director of Youth Ministries. I am excited to see who God will lead to join us, and I welcome your prayers for guidance and wisdom as we seek these new ministers.

Last Sunday, we welcomed the newest addition to Transfiguration as Summer Gilliland, wife of our curate Shea Gilliland, gave birth to their second daughter, Mary Frances. Both mother and daughter are healthy, and the whole Gilliland crew are now safely home. I am grateful for the church’s policy of offering paid leave for new parents, so Deacon Shea will enjoy the first month of his daughter’s life bonding with her and helping Summer. He will return to the office the week before Palm Sunday, in time to jump right into our rich worship life in that holiest of weeks.

Our Director of Communications, Rebecca Gingles, is expecting her own second child early next week, and today she begins her own three-month leave from work. We have a solid strategy in place to cover our communication needs over that time, but if you have any questions, direct them to Meghan Mazur, who can relay them to the proper person. I humbly ask your prayers for Rebecca and baby Gingles, and for all the amazing doctors and labor and delivery nurses who will attend to her.

Oh, and choir member Katie Renner is due to give birth to her first child any moment now, too. All these babies! The petition in the Great Litany that “it may please thee to preserve and provide for all women in childbirth” certainly has special meaning for us at Transfiguration this year!

The staff is trying to keep at our normal, high level of productivity amidst all the change and transition, but I hope you will bear with us as we make our way through the next several weeks. If you send an email or leave a voicemail, please be patient with us if you don’t get an immediate reply. Ellen’s retirement, Rebecca’s maternity leave, Shea’s paternity leave, Erin’s looming departure, all interspersed with a busy Lenten schedule means we’re struggling to keep up. And today, in one of those examples of sickness having terrible timing, Meghan went down with flu.

We love you, and we want to serve the needs of everyone in our church, but it may take a little longer than usual. I humbly ask your prayers and patience as we do our best. It is by God’s grace that we will be sustained through this time and reach the calm shores on the far side of these temporarily choppy waters.

Peace be with you all.